What to listen for!


Bottled Up!

Kentucky. The Bluegrass State. Home to horse racing, barefooted locals, and of course BOURBON! Adam & Craig crack open a new bottle of bourbon and talk the finer points of this fantastic beverage from our state. We use state of the art metrics to grade these distilled spirits like flavor (does it taste like shit?), color (is it light brown or dark brown), and its potency (will this get us shit faced drunk?). Suffice to say we don't know too much about the finer points of bourbon but we know that is tastes great and you should definitely be drinking it!


Border Run (RIP)

It's late, you're drunk, and your belly has the hunger grumbles. Where do you turn for that late night, intoxicated food regret? That's right Taco Bell! Adam & Craig put their bodies on the line for you as we try everything on the Taco Bell Menu and then grade it! Next time you are waiting for an hour for that drunk taco remember our recommendations! 

*Listener note, we have discontinued this segment due to unstoppable diarrhea and possibly a prolapsed anus. Stay tuned for new and exciting segments! 


Lyrical Poetry

Poetry soothes the spirit & quiets the soul. Except when Adam & Craig do it! Join the guys every Sunday when they debut their newest Lyrical Poetry. It will make you laugh, cry, or maybe even vomit! Come for the episode and stay for this segment because you will never look at poetry the same way again!