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The guys at the Taller Lying Down Podcast believe in giving the people what they want and that is more cow bell.  In this case the cow bell is a weekly full length episode (60ish minutes) that arrives every Sunday at 1pm! We cover a ton of ground every week and we can swing from serious to hilarity at any moment! So go ahead and bang that cow bell because it sounds good!

Episode #38 Terminator (11/3/19)

Episode #37 Bullying (10/20/19)

Episode #36 Aging Gracefully (10/6/19)

Episode #35 Facial Hair Today (9/29/19)

Episode #34 Adam Is Sick (9/22/19)

Episode #33 Washington DC (9/15/19)

Episode #32 Fall Fun (9/8/19)

Episode #31 Labor Day (9/1/19)

Episode #30 The Matrix (8/25/19)

Episode #29 Reboots Part Deux (8/18/19)

Episode #28 Gun Violence In America (8/11/19)

Episode #27 Bad Habits (8/4/19)

Episode #26 Live with Family & Friends @ 27 Bar + Kitchen (7/28/19)

Episode #25 FREEDOM! (7/21/19)

Episode #24 Home Improvement (7/14/19)

Episode #23 Star Wars New Trilogy (7/7/19)

Episode #22 Goodbye Sweet Jerry (6/30/19)

Episode #21 Guilty Pleasures (6/23/19)

Episode #20 Moral Codes (6/16/19)

Episode #19 Getting Older (6/9/19)

Episode #18 Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends, & Myths Revisited (6/2/19)

Episode #17 Memorial Day Tribute (5/26/19)

Episode #16 Time Travel (5/19/19)

Episode #15 Reboots (5/12/19)

Episode #14 Star Wars Prequels-May The Fourth Be With You Edition (5/4/19)

Episode #13 Urban Legends and Ghost Stories (4/28/19)

Episode #12 Marvel Cinematic Universe (4/21/19)

Episode #11 The Lost Episode (4/14/19)

Episode #10 Top 10 Music Albums (4/7/19) 

Episode #9 Chris Riva Interview (3/31/19)

Episode #8 Favorite Athletes (3/24/19)

Episode #7 St. Paddy's Day (3/17/19)

Episode #6 Free Speech (3/10/19)

Episode #5 Original Star Wars Trilogy (3/3/19)

Episode #4 Technology (2/24/19)

Episode #3 Conspiracy Theories (2/17/19

Episode #2 2019 Movie Releases (2/12/19)

Episode #1 Big Game Commercials (2/5/19)

Our Afternoon Delight Episodes


Come get you some!

Afternoon Delight is a weekly 30 minute segment that cuts right through to the hilarity of our lives! We talk sports, movies, music, and anything else that we feel like! Tune in every single Wednesday at 1pm! Or don't, we don't like you that much either. 

Our Guests

If three's a crowd then count us in!

We love to have people join us in the studio or on the phone and these people were tricked, er accepted our invitation to rap with us!

Chris Riva-Former News/Sportscaster, owner of Riva Strategic Media (3/3/19)

Dale Fowler-Security genius and college sports fanatic (3/20/19)

Jared "Jerry" Ahern-Future bodyguard, cosplay enthusiast, hard worker, and our friend (6/30/19) 

Jacob "Jake" Richardson-Jake has been a big part of our movie going crew and a long time friend of both of the guys! (7/27/19)


What Is the Taller Lying Down Podcast?

It's a podcast


We thought that was self explanatory. Go back to eating crayons you moron.

What Does Taller Lying Down Mean?


It means you are a fat bastard. You are taller lying on your back than standing on your own two feet.  

Are you funny?


Your mom thinks we are funny. 

What to listen for!


Bottled Up!

Kentucky. The Bluegrass State. Home to horse racing, barefooted locals, and of course BOURBON! Adam & Craig crack open a new bottle of bourbon and talk the finer points of this fantastic beverage from our state. We use state of the art metrics to grade these distilled spirits like flavor (does it taste like shit?), color (is it light brown or dark brown), and its potency (will this get us shit faced drunk?). Suffice to say we don't know too much about the finer points of bourbon but we know that is tastes great and you should definitely be drinking it!


Border Run (RIP)

It's late, you're drunk, and your belly has the hunger grumbles. Where do you turn for that late night, intoxicated food regret? That's right Taco Bell! Adam & Craig put their bodies on the line for you as we try everything on the Taco Bell Menu and then grade it! Next time you are waiting for an hour for that drunk taco remember our recommendations! 

*Listener note, we have discontinued this segment due to unstoppable diarrhea and possibly a prolapsed anus. Stay tuned for new and exciting segments! 


Lyrical Poetry

Poetry soothes the spirit & quiets the soul. Except when Adam & Craig do it! Join the guys every Sunday when they debut their newest Lyrical Poetry. It will make you laugh, cry, or maybe even vomit! Come for the episode and stay for this segment because you will never look at poetry the same way again!

The Obligatory About Us Page That You Won't Read

What's Our Story


 Adam & Craig believed that America needed, nay demanded that they broadcast their beautiful baritone voices across the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! Well here they are tackling anything and everything with boundless energy. Spread the word because the Taller Lying Down Podcast is coming at you!

Adam is devoted husband & father but stays busy following his family around turning out lights and muttering about having to heat the neighborhood. He is a Veteran of the U.S. Army where he excelled at hurry up & waiting and griping about everything. Adam’s passions include video games, movies, 1990’s music, eating cookies in the pantry while hiding from his wife & kids, and Chick-Fil-A Chicken. He has spent the last 17 years working in the private security field as a white-collar overlord and is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University. He enjoys comfortable white New Balance Shoes, sensible khaki cargo shorts, and socks are never a bad call when wearing sandals.

Craig is a devoted cat dad who dotes on his two fur balls while maintaining that dogs are better. He is a power lifter that occasionally goes to the gym but eats like he is training for World’s Strongest Man competition. Craig has been a musician with his own band but they broke up due to their mom’s being tired of hauling them to their gigs. He loves video games, movies, music (don’t get him started on country music) and food. Craig has been working in the private security industry for 13 years where he spent the majority of his time chasing teenagers and helping old people find their cars. He believes that everyone should agree that the fanny pack is awesome and shirts with sleeves are simply outdated. He stands up for the little guy and fights against corporate white-collar overlords, he is simply a blue-collar hero. 

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